Hope Through Help & Healing

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We provide support for Sarpy County residents who have been impacted by natural disasters. We do all that we can to lessen suffering, advance hope, and empower survivors during their recovery process.

Empowering the Personal Recovery Process

Recovery is a journey. For those who have survived a major disaster, navigating the maze of government assistance programs, insurance, and accessing other disaster-related survivor benefits can be overwhelming. We’re here to help. Our staff is specially trained in disaster recovery and case management. We know what resources are available, and work to quickly connect survivors to programs. We are advocates looking out for the needs of our neighbors — recovery is a community effort and we’re here for you.

Identify disaster-impacted individuals & families who are facing challenges to their recovery.

Provide case management to ensure unmet needs are effectively and effectively addressed.

Deliver services, assistance, and guidance to help individuals & families recover.

Family working with a Disaster Case Manager

Support Our Work

Sarpy Disaster Recovery relies on the support of community members to fulfill our mission. By donating, you’ll ensure our disaster case managers have the resources they need to help disaster survivors on their journey to recovery.

Hope Through Help and Healing