About the Sarpy Disaster Recovery Group

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In March 2019, Sarpy County was significantly impacted by the Heartland Floods. Approximately 400 homes were destroyed and many more damaged resulting in over 1000 households impacted by these horrific floods.  

On March 18th, a willing group of nonprofits, government agencies, and faith-based organizations met at St. Mary’s of Bellevue Catholic Church to collaborate and find solutions to help those impacted. This group of volunteers who met that night were the genesis for what would become the Sarpy Disaster Recovery Group. Dozens of volunteers worked for months coordinating, donating and serving our neighbors for months on end. Why? Because that’s what we do: WE HELP! 

Throughout the summer of 2019 at the recommendation of Sarpy County Emergency Management Agency, the Sarpy County Long Term Disaster Recovery Group (Sarpy Disaster Recovery Group) was formed. From the great loss of property and memories came a caring group of people who were willing to walk alongside and serve our neighbors in the recovery process.   The Sarpy Disaster Recovery Group is run by the community for the community.

On November 1st, Sarpy Disaster Recovery hired its first Executive Director, Jeff Weaver.  Up until this point, the bulk of the recovery efforts were made up of volunteers, churches, nonprofits and government agencies. It was upon their shoulders that the Sarpy Disaster Recovery Group was built.  Our desire is to continue what was started by a group of caring people by serving our community and providing “Hope through Help and Healing”. 

Mission & Vision 

The mission of the Sarpy Disaster Recovery Group is to provide coordinated recovery services to individuals and families affected by disasters in the Sarpy County community. Our primary goal is to see all our fellow residents recover from the disaster and find their new normal by providing “Hope through Help and Healing”. 


Jeff Weaver, Executive Director 


Jeanette Lovell, Disaster Case Manager 


Amy Meyer, Administrative Assistant